Our Services


With the slogan of fair export based on honesty, PTN has always been a caring advisor to its customers in addition to being a supplier, which is why it proudly declares that it has the most satisfied and loyal customers.

PTN is no on sustainable exports. For this reason, he acts as a free consultant for those of his clients who do not have enough experience or are not familiar with the current business rules of the world. We prevent potential harm to them by providing them with our experiences and solutions.

It is interesting to note that many importers and exporters around the world seek advice from us to do their business, and we do this completely free of charge and with full enthusiasm in order to achieve sustainable business.

On the other hand, many of our customers use our market research to choose the type of steel structures, PVC pipes, Nano UPVC profiles, sandwich panels, Nano-UPVC doors and windows and double glazing suitable for their market, and it is this process that has made them our loyal customers over the years.

PTN will meet all your needs by having a knowledgeable and experienced team in the field of trade and international affairs, along with a strong production team, and will help the world to achieve sustainable and fair trade based on supply knowledge.

So join PTN and enjoy our valuable services and experiences to the fullest.