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Important standards in the selection of UPVC profiles

One of the important standards in choosing a double-glazed window profile is its wall thickness. The international standard in this case is 3 mm.

The next standard is profile material. As we discussed in the article Types of windows, today the use of iron and aluminum profiles is not very justified. These profiles are a waste of energy and have little benefit to use. Instead, new and optimal generation of profiles such as thermal break aluminum, All wood and UPVC are the best choice in terms of quality and performance.

What is the role of galvanized reinforcement in double glazed windows?

The strength of the double-glazed door and window is provided by the galvanized reinforcement inside the profile. The desired galvanization should be determined according to the dimensions of the housing. It should also be noted that the thickness of the sheet should be at least one and a half millimeters.

What is the sealing tape in a double glazed window?

Another part that affects the quality and price of double glazed windows is its sealing tape. This strip is made of a type of rubber called EPDM, whose main function is to withstand a long period of time against repeated opening and closing of double-glazed doors and windows.

Sometimes people do not use these seals and go for substandard items for a lower price. Poor seals, unlike EPDM seals, rot and die in the sun. This issue after a while leads to noise pollution with wind in the double-glazed doors and windows.

UPVC profiles

fittings and metal fittings


What is the importance of fittings and metal fittings in a double glazed window?

The price of quality fittings in the market is a bit high. This is why people may use lower quality fittings to reduce costs. But that in itself is not a problem. The quality of fittings largely depends on the design of the windows and their size. If you buy a double glazed window from a reliable company that can best determine the fittings you need, you can benefit from higher quality at a lower price.


double glazed

the material of double glazed windows

What should the material of double glazed windows be?

One of the most important factors of quality and price in a double glazed window is the glass material used in the window. In this section, we will fully discuss the characteristics of a good double-glazed window.

Glass thickness in double glazed windows

The first and most important factor in the price and quality of double glazing is its thickness. One of the important and interesting points is that you should try to make the thickness of the two glasses used in the double glazed window different from each other. The reason is very simple. If there are two glasses with different thicknesses against sound waves, the disturbance and oscillation in these waves is much greater until two glasses with the same thickness are in the way of sound waves.


Glass glue

Glass glue

For example, when one glass is 4 and the other is 6, you have a double-glazed window that is much better soundproofed.

Glass glue on double glazed windows

Be sure to use a good quality polysulfate adhesive in your double glazing so that the penetration paths to the glass are completely closed. On the other hand, if you use a bad type of adhesive in double-glazed glass, it may lose its adhesion due to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, turn into a liquid and move on the glass.

Vacuum between two windows in a double glazed window

In order to increase the quality of double glazing, it is first vacuumed and then a special type of gas is injected between it. But sometimes, due to reduced costs, vacuuming is not done and the special gas that has to fill between the two glasses is not pure. This reduces the quality of double glazing.

Glass dehumidifier in double glazed windows

Dehumidifier is another thing that is very important in making double glazing. Dehumidifier in cold and rainy seasons, especially in humid areas, prevents steam from forming on the glass and keeps your glass clear and smooth in any weather conditions. It is certain that sometimes it is recognized that the dehumidifier is not very efficient and important and it is not used or some kind of substandard material is used for it. This is also effective in reducing the quality of double glazed windows.

What is the importance of window design in a double glazed window?

But one of the most important things you can do is design a double glazed door and window for your home.

Designers try to cut costs by choosing cheaper materials and items to build a home in order to compete and offer you lower costs than their competitors. Sometimes the design principle is disproportionate to what it should be in order to reduce costs.

window design

of window design in a double glazed

This creates a lot of problems for the buyer. One of these problems can be the next higher cost to compensate for mistakes in the design of the customer’s double-glazed doors and windows, although if you do not want to make mistakes, you will have poor quality doors and windows that do not do their job properly and over time the quality decreases.


And finally, how do I get the best double glazed window?


Choosing doors and windows today is not simply a matter of our parents’ past and era. The manufacture of doors and windows has progressed so much that it has become one of the world’s great industries and a science. Therefore, you cannot choose a cheap double-glazed door and window without research and care, and hope that it has the same quality as the seller claims.


As you can see, it is possible to provide poor quality material in all components of the window. To avoid further damage, it is better to choose an informed according to the instructions we have given you. And make your purchase from a trusted and reputable store in the field of doors and windows.

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