One of the most significant results of nanomaterial UPVC profiles is a 4-fold increase in impact resistance and UV color change, as well as an increase in strength compared to conventional profiles.

We are the fourth world producer of Nano UPVC profiles, the second in Asia and the first in the Middle East.

Using the technology of British NEXTOOL molds and advanced machinery and equipment with the highest European standards in the form of six extruder profiles, the company has produced UPVC profiles with nanotechnology and with the help of forces. Our expert tries to provide high quality products worthy of the target community. Our profiles have a 10-year warranty against color and state change.


UPVC is generally composed of a combination of crude oil and chlorine gas, which is produced during the polymerization process; We are just as strict in choosing the raw materials for the production of UPVC profiles, and that is why we procure the raw materials from the most famous suppliers of UPVC additives.

Type of laboratory test Nano profiles Normal profile Performance upgrade rate
“HDT Vicat” standard impact test 84.7 54.2 1.6 times more resistant
Standard impact test Weight 4 kg from a height of 2.5 meters: No failures in 20 cases Weight 1 kg from a height of 1.5 meters: 1 time out of 15 times 3.5 times more resistant
Frame profile welding test 7890 Newtons 2760 Newtons About 3 times more resistant
Hourly UV resistance test 9000 hours 5800 hours 1.8 times more resistant

In this part of the company, Nano doors and windows and high quality double glazing are widely produced and assembled. We briefly describe the characteristics of each in the following;

  Features of Nano-UPVC doors and windows;
  • Sound insulation and reduction of noise pollution up to 25 decibels.
  • Security against theft due to the use of galvanized metal in the internal structure of the profile.
  • Shockproof, unbreakable and non-flammable.
  • Energy savings of up to 40%.
  • Ease and speed in installation and no need for care and service.
  • No need for painting and resistant to corrosion and decay.
  • 100% recyclability and environmental compatibility.
  • Resistant to chemicals, wind, storms and adverse weather conditions.
  • Beauty and compatibility with any kind of architecture.
  • Affordable and easy to clean.
  Successful tests of our double glazing;
  • Throttle determination test.
  • Stability test in environments with high humidity.
  • Accelerated weather cycle test.
  • Fog test.
  • Air chamber thickness determination test.
  • Thick-walled glass piece thickness test.
  • Double sided glass sizing test.

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