PVC-PIPE Introduction

PTN manufacturing and exporting company, observing international standards in the pipe production industry and employing experienced and committed manpower and familiar with the latest world knowledge, scientific and committed management and having the most modern devices and the most complete laboratories Pipe production In addition to success in the field of domestic quality production, is now the largest exporter of PVC pipes in the western region. From the very beginning, our world of PVC pipes has based its production on the principles of quality, innovation, customer-oriented and has continued to operate with the slogan of “lasting satisfaction in fair exports”.

Some of the most important specifications of our PVC pipes, “Rigor of strength to high weight and low weight / High chemical resistance / Corrosion resistance / High modulus of elasticity and flexibility / Long-term tensile strength / Impact strength / Low roughness / Maintain water quality / Flame resistance and most importantly, reasonable prices.