This group, with its technical and specialized personnel, production halls equipped with various and advanced machines and high production capacity, has a unique and unrivaled collection in the field of metal structures in the West Asian region, which intends to be one of the top active companies. To gain a worthy share in the market of steel structures in the world in the field of production of steel structures and metal sheds.


The managers and employees of our company, with the slogan of “sustainable satisfaction and fair cooperation”, are determined to take advantage of the latest production process in the world, specialized personnel, use the latest standards and welding instructions, step-by-step production monitoring and careful planning , Both meet the needs of customers and satisfy them.

On the other hand, our technical and engineering team, with the support of PTN products, has been able to conquer the hearts of global markets and projects by designing and executing construction projects, as well as assembling, installing and supplying steel structures in accordance with the needs of World Day; Although it is a bit difficult to keep this team updated, but we did it and we are very proud of this team.

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