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Private label

In today’s modern world of business, the private label industry has attracted many manufacturing companies. In the definition of private label, it can be said that the manufacturer offers specific products, with a predetermined formula with its standard packages to the customer under the brand that the customer chooses. In fact, the customer buys the final product with the desired brand and presents it in the market.

In other words, only the buyer’s label is inserted on the products. In such companies, the customer will have more authority and freedom about his own brand.

It is a great honor for PTN that several major countries that produce their own products and a number of world-renowned top brands buy our steel structures, PVC pipes, Nano UPVC profiles, sandwich panels, doors and windows and double glazing with their own private label and custom brand. In fact, PTN, by observing the condition of honesty and confidentiality as a manufacturer of first-class PVC products, has been able to indirectly create value for both the target community and its so-called anonymous customers.

By creating a private label service, PTN has perfected its customers in creating competitive pricing, increasing profits, strengthening the sales team, shaping the value chain, building a brand, and building sustainable loyalty.

So get these services right now by joining PTN.