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PTN Internationalstrategy

PTN, utilizing up-to-date technical knowledge and having experienced staff, in the field of production and installation of various industrial and construction metal structures and construction activities, Nano-UPVC profiles, PVC pipes, foam coatings, doors And double glazed windows and glass.

The managers and employees of this group, with the slogan of “lasting satisfaction with fair exports”, develop a culture of quality and safety and pursue the following general goals by establishing an integrated management system based on international standards and proper management of processes and efficient use of resources:

  • The principle that governs all factory processes is to focus on the quality of services and meet the needs of customers and achieve their satisfaction.
  • We consider the development of human resources to be associated with continuous training, spreading the culture of teamwork and increasing the motivation and satisfaction of employees.
  • We consider it necessary to pay attention to the compliance of activities with all laws and regulations related to employee safety and health and environmental protection.
  • By applying national and international standards and using modern technical knowledge and technology, we consider continuous improvement of the quality level of products and services as our permanent program.
  • We consider suppliers and customers as our partners and we see our success along with their success.
  • By increasing the variety of products and developing working capital, we have made the expansion of market share the top priority of all our activities.

This statement has been published and understood in all factories and all employees are required and committed to provide the grounds for its implementation and deployment and to make every effort in this regard.

Senior managers are committed to moving in line with this policy and ensure the effectiveness of the management system in achieving the above goals by monitoring and reviewing at appropriate and regular intervals.

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