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Wide distribution and supply

PTN, as a reputable company in the production, supply, design and implementation of steel structures, PVC  pipes, Nano UPVC profiles, sandwich panels, Nano-UPVC doors and windows and double glazing in Iran, is proud to widely benefit many countries in the world from the blessings of quality and premium products. And due to the transparency and honesty in all links of the supply chain and product value, it has found a stable position in the hearts of customers and export target markets.

In this direction, by recognizing the needs of the target market and a comprehensive study on the culture and tastes of customers and their business policies, as a partner and reliable supplier, by utilizing up-to-date technical knowledge and having experienced staff in the field of production and Distribution of various metal structures, industrial, construction and civil activities, we try to develop our business in addition to, Create a win-win business process.

PTN complex was established with the cooperation of a group of industry activists on a land area of ​​310,000 square meters. We are providing services to our precious customers by employing specialized, committed and efficient forces in the form of the following companies in various industrial fields.

PTN with companies active in the field of design and implementation of steel structures, PVC pipes, Nano UPVC profiles, sandwich panels, doors and windows and double glazing has been able to gain an acceptable position in the market and with technical and specialized personnel, Production halls equipped with various and advanced machines and high production capacity, form a unique and unrivaled complex in the industrial sector in the West Asian region.

With the slogan of “lasting satisfaction”, our managers and employees are determined to take advantage of the latest production process and modern equipment, experienced personnel, use the latest standards and instructions, step-by-step production monitoring and careful planning to achieve With a quality product in a certain period of time, they can meet the needs of customers and satisfy them.

 We help re-export and create their ancillary processes, and this advantage makes trading with PTN a win-win for customers.